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When it comes time for your burial,  your precious gift of pre-planning and pre-purchasing allows family and friends to gather, grieve, and share memories of your life without added stress. Your gift of a pre-arrangements will spare your loved ones from having to make complicated and financially difficult decisions. When you pre-plan your arrangements, you are doing more than giving yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your  arrangements have been made according to your exact wishes, You will also be giving your loved ones a gift that shows how much you really cared about them.  

If something happens to you, will your loved ones know exactly where to find all the important documents they'll need? Will they be aware of your personal preferences for funeral arrangements? Will they know who they should call and notify? You can be sure they'll have all that vital information and more should they ever need it. With the beautiful Pre-Need Planner, available to you at no cost or obligation from the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery, they will!

By filling out this Pre-Need Planner, you'll be relieving your family of undue chaos and confusion during distressing times. And, you'll relieve yourself of worries that you forgot to share an important piece of information with them. To receive your Pre-Need Planner you can print from below or we'll be happy to deliver a hard copy to you at no cost or obligation: Click Here
The Benefits of Pre-Planning...